How to deal with stress during lockdown

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With millions now in isolation we are facing health, economic and societal disruptions on a global scale. There is extensive news coverage on the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of our future is enough to make anyone’s anxiety and stress levels skyrocket. Mastering how to handle stress will not only help you, it will help those in your household to. Here are a few practical tips to help you cope and better manage your mental wellbeing;   Framework you day [...]

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Putting in the hours sweating it out but seeing no change in your waistline?

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Perhaps it’s time to reassess your routine to finally achieve those goals We know regular exercise is essential for maintaining optimal health, but do we know when we are doing too much? Cardio or aerobic exercise is excellent for maintaining a healthily functioning cardio-respiratory system, but like most things TOO much can be detrimental to your health and may be stopping you from achieving fat loss and a lean physique. If that isn’t your fitness goal and you are currently [...]

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Sleep, how to encourage sweet dreams

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Why is getting a good night’s sleep so important for my health?   Proper rest and sleep are as important to good health as good nutrition and adequate exercise. During sleep our bodies rest, cardiac function slows, and our bodies conserve energy and memories are fixed and consolidated. Without proper rest and sleep, the ability to concentrate, make judgements and participate in daily activities decreases, whilst irritability increases.   Body Fat There is a consistent link between a lower amount of [...]

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How Can We Breathe For Health?

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Breathing is a vital behaviour that ensures an adequate supply of oxygen and elimination of CO2.  Human lungs inhale and exhale 23,000 times a day. Breathing is automatic, involuntary and continuous. However, if you start to focus on improving how you breathe you may see improvements in your physical and mental health.   Ways to help If you are a city dweller reduce your exposure by using quieter streets and avoid exercising during rush-hour.   It goes without saying, stop [...]

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5 ways to detox your mind

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When we think of detoxing we traditionally envisage a diet of deprivation with a lot more greenery and a lot less sugar. Well, technically that’s no bad thing. Taking on less crap and loading yourself up with more nutrient dense food will do your body wonders. But what about other ways you can help give yourself a spring clean? Your mental health is JUST as important and your physical health and at this time of year it seems appropriate to [...]

Diet hacks to improve recovery time

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Have you amped up the intensity of your exercise routine since the beginning of the year? If so you may have experienced the feeling of ‘hitting the wall’ when participating in strenuous exercise. This is the point when glycogen stores are no longer available which leads to sudden fatigue and energy loss. Or perhaps your new favorite vigorous workout is giving you that endorphin high, but also contributing to the dread of DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) the next day?   [...]

Managing Stress In The Workplace

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Stress is a leading health problem in today’s fast-paced society and as a society we are more ravaged by the consequences of stress today than at any time in previous history. Work related stress or burnout which alarming affects 25% of people! We can’t help reduce your workload, but there ways to help you cope.   Sleep Insufficient sleep will exacerbate your stress response in the workplace. Sleep deprivation results in poor concentration, irritability and mood swings. Focus on improving [...]

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