When we think of detoxing we traditionally envisage a diet of deprivation with a lot more greenery and a lot less sugar. Well, technically that’s no bad thing. Taking on less crap and loading yourself up with more nutrient dense food will do your body wonders. But what about other ways you can help give yourself a spring clean? Your mental health is JUST as important and your physical health and at this time of year it seems appropriate to tackle a mental detox. By reducing stress and anxiety you will feel invincible, Want to know how? Read on…


  1. Digital cut off


Cutting down your digital dependency will help to detox your mind. Now it can be hard (scarily so) to lock away your phone and laptop, so I’m not going to suggest going cold turkey as it just won’t happen when you’re living in the Capital. However, why not enforce a digital cut-off on a daily basis? Even if it’s 10pm – 7am, you will be doing your mind a world of good and will soon want to spend less time glued to your device(s). Try to ensure the last and first thing you look at is not your phone, turn off App push-notifications and instead spend time with a favourite old past-time.


  1. Belly breathing


A five minute breathing exercise can improve your mental functioning and reduce stress and anxiety. You can quieten down that internal chitter-chatter and bring your attention to the present moment when you take time-out to stop and breathe.  Try lying on your back, soles of your feet together, knees stretched apart. Place your right hand on your lower abdomen and left hand in the middle of your chest. Exhale every last bit of breath and then begin the following sequence for 5 minutes (work towards doing this for 10 minutes).


  • inhale counting for 5
  • hold for 5
  • exhale for 5


If you can increase the time spent counting then go for it!


  1. Journal


Having goals helps us strive to be better and ultimately feel better. Stopping just talking about your goals and starting to achieve them will give your mind endless satisfaction. Set yourself some life goals and then plan how you are going to achieve them. By keeping a journal, you will stay focused and motivated, plan your path to success and get it done! I use a MiGOALS planner and can’t imagine life without it.


  1. Laughter


Whether it’s comedy, a hilarious book or that friend who always gets you in stiches, try and prioritise a daily giggle. The physical act of laughing increases the amount of endorphins in your brain, which benefits your mind, body and soul.


  1. Get more sleep


When we sleep our brains become restored as the toxins which build up during the day have the opportunity to be flushed out. Waste from our bodies is cleared away by the lymphatic system. Whilst we sleep intercellular spaces in the brain expand by up to 60%, and this expansion drives the clearance of waste from the brain via lymph and water. When we sleep we store memories and getting enough sleep is vital for being able to problem-solve and reason during the day.